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Katie Hooks, CAE

Account Director

Katie Hooks

Katie Hooks, CAE, serves as an Account Director for SAM, specializing in association operations, event and membership management, as well as administration and policy and process development. Katie spent nearly 16 years managing operations and events for several local Austin nonprofit associations prior to joining SAM. She began her career in 2004 managing operations for the Texas Conference of Urban Counties (CUC), specializing in Texas local government, aggregate energy procurement, and justice system software development.

Katie is currently a member of the Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE), the Senior Planners Industry Network (SPIN), and Los Verdes, as well as a volunteer for the Austin Animal Center.

Partners/Roles: Deputy Director, Science Teachers Association of Texas; Association Manager, Texas Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers

Volunteering/Leadership Roles:
SAM Fun Committee, Los Verdes, Austin Animal Center

My love, Richard, and kiddos Lourdes and Olivia; fur babies Birdie and Leo

Outside of work, I love...
Jeep road trips, horror movies, beach camping, rescue dogs, and the Austin FC.

I’m known on the SAM team for... 
My love of animals and tearing up at any good news!

My SAM superpower is... 
Organization and technical process

Controller (Predictive Index), ISFJ (Myers-Briggs)

Why I love association management:
 It is so inspiring every day to see how your work can help bring the vision of dedicated and compassionate volunteers to life within your community.

Favorite thing about working at SAM:
The SAM team: It is truly a special kind of honor to be a part of this supportive and loving group of folks. To share the opportunity to learn from and grow with one another at SAM has been the brightest light of my career.

Favorite SAM Core Value:
Build trust (Any challenge a staff member could come across . . . there’s an entire team behind them to lift them up and help them get to the other side of it.)