Together, We'll Carry Out Your Mission

Why trust the SAM team with the support of your organization? At the heart of our work is a deeply held belief in the power of associations to build community and change the world. Strategic Association Management (SAM) serves nonprofits and associations by designating a team of executive, managerial, and administrative professionals to provide operational and programmatic support based on the defined needs of the organization. 

We take care of day-to-day activities of managing an organization's services and programs, increasing efficiency, enabling scalability, and allowing volunteers and full-time staff to spend more of their time focused on their responsibilities and, ultimately, meaningful mission-driven work.

SAM provides our partners with a dedicated team that performs like an in-house staff for less cost primarily due to shared overhead and staffing expenses with other organizations. Through long-term partnerships, our partners experience organizational sustainability, growth, and ultimately, transformation.

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