Our Values

The SAM culture celebrates passionate individuals who create meaningful experiences through engaging and creative service and by honoring a diversity of thought and experience. Team success and the company’s success both depend on our commitment to five key pillars of our culture—our core values. Our pillars are actually defined by the active way in which we work to achieve our core values. In everything SAM does, we consider the ways in which:

WE BUILD TRUST. Trust is hard to build and easy to break. And trust means different things to different people and organizations. It’s all of our responsibility to ensure that we understand how trust is built, and we strive to do this with each other, clients, vendors, and the association community.

WE STAY CURIOUS. Ask questions. Put yourself in other’s shoes. Assume positive intent. Through active and engaged curiosity, we are better teammates and service providers.

WE SEEK CLARITY. Competing priorities and responsibilities are common at SAM. We place great value on seeking clarity around roles and managing expectations—not just internally with a dynamic team, but especially as we work to support our clients.

WE PRACTICE EMPATHY. Put yourself in other’s shoes. Assume positive intent. Be aware of the impact of your words and actions. Ensure communication and actions are thoughtful and consider others’ needs and perspectives and experiences.

WE CHAMPION GROWTH. The ultimate goal in serving an organization is to see the group transform and with our support they achieve more than they could have ever imagined. We also want you to grow professionally and personally as a result of your work at SAM.