Our Team

Roshan Bhatt

Senior Communications Manager

Roshan Bhatt serves as a Senior Communications Manager at SAM, where he develops effective messaging and branding to meet the communications and marketing goals of partner associations.

A marketing professional with more than a decade of experience, Roshan has a strong background in brand marketing, social media and email communications, copywriting and editing, and content creation. His past experience includes working as a marketing manager for a food and beverage training company and a restaurant group, as well as an account manager for a Houston-based full-service marketing firm.

Roshan earned his bachelor's degree in communications with a minor in marketing from the University of Houston.

Born and raised in Houston, he has called Austin home since 2022.

Partners: Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education (TCASE), Texas Hearing Aid Association (THAA), Texas Osteopathic Medical Association (TOMA)

Family: I'm close with both of my parents, and I have one brother, a sister-in-law, and an adorable nephew. I've been with my partner for a little more than two years, most of which was here in Austin! 

Outside of work, I love... collecting vinyl records and watching live music, practicing yoga and meditation, hanging with my dog Penny, playing softball and basketball, and exploring the outdoors with my partner, Rachel. 

My workplace superpower is... I'm a fast learner, have a competitive spirit, and love to contribute to the success of a team. I've jumped industries often and enjoy adapting my work style to the environment. 

Assessments: Controller (Predictive Index), INFP-T (Myers Briggs), The Dreamer (Adobe Creative Type)

What inspires me about working with associations: Associations often are doing the necessary and gritty work that takes a lot more courage than you would expect. Supporting them is a great way to get involved and feel great about your mission and purpose both in your career and in your personal life. 

My unique skills or passions: As a passionate person, it is natural to gravitate toward other passionate people. Getting on board with others' missions seems like a fruitful aspect of your job, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s passions come to life, work, and mesh together. 

Favorite SAM core value: Practice empathy. I believe this is the strongest core value because we often live our lives in a way that revolves around us—that's no secret and very normal. It's important to understand the plight of and empathize with others because it can be extremely helpful in navigating through life with different personalities, problems, etc., so your world view isn't so narrow. We aren't the only people here, and holding space for others is important to me in my personal life, as well as professional.