SAM Staff Credentials, Honors, and Service

SAM's talented team of award-winning, experienced association professionals and Executive Directors is among the very best in the nation, boasting ANSI/AMC Institute accreditation, Certified Association Executives, Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professionals, Certified Meeting Planners, and Certified Fundraising Executives poised to help you reach your goals.

Certified Association Executive (CAE)

  • JJ Colburn, CAE
  • Mary Beth Kiser, CAE
  • Devorah Jakubowsky, CAE
  • Adam McKeivier, CAE
  • Shari Noonan, CAE
  • Noelle Parsons, CAE
  • Lauren Turner, CAE
  • Paulina van Eeden Hill, CAE
  • Sarah Vlcek, CAE
  • Megan Woodburn, CAE

Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP)

  • Tracey Mills, CNAP
  • Tiffany Schwartz, CNAP

Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)

  • Stacey Jones, CMP
  • Michele Gonzalez, CMP
  • Abby Mund, CMP
  • Shari Noonan, CMP
  • Lauren Turner, CMP

Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE)

  • Tiffany Ritter, CFRE